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100+ Internet Resources for Digital Marketer. Part 2

If you're about to enter the international marketing space, you have to know how to work with new customers worldwide. This list contains more than 100 sources that can be useful for a digital marketer.


The blog has a little more than 30 articles, but all of them are marvelous! Each of them is the size of a mini-book, and all the articles are also periodically updated and supplemented. Brian Dean is the author of several link-building strategies that many experts now implement. He's the person who wrote a famous article about 200 ranking factors on Google. However, it is worth mentioning that other experts often criticize his articles.

A blog about Google and SEO. There is also another useful resource with research — ResearchBlog.


Using this site, it's easy to track the latest changes in search engines (mainly Google) and the digital space in general. On this website you can also find expert publications about SEO, how could we do without them. One of the most entertaining materials they offer is the periodic spreadsheet (table) of SEO factors. There is a similar site about digital marketing — MarketingLand.


It's hard to ignore this blog. Despite its simplicity, it contains hundreds of very detailed tutorials and articles with expert opinions on various issues. In addition, an example of a detailed report on SEO audit was posted here not so long ago.


This is a blog of the service that is familiar to every SEO specialist. Most of the published material is dedicated specifically to SEO and link building, but it generally covers all aspects of online marketing. The value of this blog lies in the presence of a large number of their own research and real cases in the field of SEO.


This blog is dedicated to SEO and content marketing. You can find infographics, statistics, examples for inspiration, and interesting articles there. For example, there are discussions about methods of promotion that different experts use.


In this blog, there are articles about SEO techniques and tools to increase traffic, as well as tips on how to make content on the site as attractive as possible for search engines. Pay attention to the material and how nicely all the posts are written!

The SEO Project

This blog contains the most complete list of all link building strategies that exist on the Internet (2017). This list is also available for free in pdf format (400 pages).


This a blog about SEO that is written by the developers of the popular Yoast SEO plugin for Wordress. In the blog, they consider various aspects of search engine promotion. In addition to articles about search engine optimization for beginners and advanced users, here you can find materials on analytics, working with social networks, cases on optimizing specific sites, and much more.

This is just a good blog with articles from professionals.


Here is another blog that contains detailed SEO guides for beginners. There are interesting articles on topics related to SEO services (how to get rid of a toxic client, how to learn SEO, why you should avoid "affordable" SEO, etc.).


This is the site of one of the most famous SEO agencies in the USA. Here you can find not only good-quality articles, but also several well- developed guides that can be saved in pdf-format.


This blog is updated rarely, but some articles are simply amazing. Despite being not quite up-to-date, most materials have not lost their usefulness. Particular attention should be paid, for example, to an article on how to publish your articles on top sites (Forbes, Guardian, Mashable, Moz, etc.).


Robbie Richards publishes mostly SEO articles. He does this infrequently, but each article is a very detailed longread with many examples. The author also provides free e-books.


This is a minimalistic website. There are not many pictures but there are a lot of benefits. There are many real cases from the company in the format "problem — solution — result". At the same time, their own tools are actively promoted.

A Sage'sJournal

The author of the blog shares the results of his experiments in SEO and content marketing with his readers, develops competitive content strategies, and finds ways to write content without expert knowledge. The updates are pretty rare, but the topic of each article is fully developed.


The blog gives answers to various questions: how to steal a million-dollar idea, how to choose a niche for the site with low competition, and where to find external links. Everything is based on real examples. And yes, the blog ceased to be updated last year, but the information is still useful.


MattDiggity used to be a simple electrician. His life changed dramatically when he became acquainted with website promotion and earning money on affiliate programs. Trying to get big profits from monetizing sites, Matt experimented a lot and practiced SEO, eventually becoming a real pro. He now shares his experience in articles that he publishes 1–2 times a month.

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite offers search engine promotion software. On the blog, they talk about how to put their tools into practice and get the maximum benefit.


This is a blog about SEO that specializes in link building. On this site you can find out whether links work, where to get them, and how to avoid punishment for link spam.

GoogleWebmasters (YouTube)

Here you can find answers to the most common questions about ranking on Google and working in SearchConsole from an official source. Streams with specialists are held quite often and during the streams, you can ask your questions.


This is perhaps the best blog on web analytics from Avinash Kaushik. He is an experienced specialist and author of two best-selling books


This blog will be interesting for analysts, not for marketers — a lot of attention is paid to technical details. It is worth reading to keep track of the latest news and trends in analytics.


On the blog, there are articles about targeting, testing, usability, and analytics. There are also strategies and techniques that help analysts evaluate marketing efforts and optimize websites with the help of the data acquired.


This is a blog about analytics, marketing, and testing. There are practical tips and tricks, guides and answers to important marketers' questions.


A free course from Google is an excellent source of knowledge about analytics. Here they teach not only how to use their own GoogleAnalytics product, but also show the basics of general data analysis.


"We have built a million-dollar business on blogging" — this is how CopyHackers authors write about themselves. Now the team is teaching others to write stunning texts. The main topic of the blog is copywriting. There are a lot of useful tips for writing selling texts, including advice in video format. You can also find tips for freelance copywriters and hacks for online marketers.


KateToon is an experienced SEO copywriter and consultant. In the blog, she talks not only about her copywriting experience, but also shares ideas on marketing, SEO, business, motivation, and freelance. It is rarely updated; about once a month.

Kate has several projects. She also has her own copywriting podcast and a YouTube channel. What is more, she has a blog about SEO, where texts are backed up by video tips. You can also find a SEO podcast there, lots of experts take part in it.


This is a terrific blog by Hennecki Dastermat who is a copywriter and author of several books. In the blog, he gives a lot of advice on writing texts of various kinds. You can also sign up for a free newsletter and receive short notes from professionals in your e-mail.

SEO Copywriting

On the blog, you can find everything about SEO copywriting. In addition to articles on how to write SEO texts, the author gives recommendations on working with customers, which are especially useful for freelance copywriters.


There are strange illustrations, similar to those created in Paint, the use of "k" instead of "c", and simple design in this blog. That's why at first you may not take this blog seriously. In fact, the articles there are simply wonderful, and most importantly — useful. And what an unusual and funny presentation of information!


This blog is a good guide for a copywriter-beginner. Here you can enjoy recommendations for writing texts and many useful examples from the author's practice. The blog is rarely updated, but deserves to be on this list.


This is a №1 e-commerce blog (as modestly mentioned in the footer). The company ElasticPath is engaged in the development of software for online stores, therefore, it willingly shares its best practices.


This is another number 1 ecommerce-blog according to their own version, but in this case, we really believe in it. Those who work with e-commerce must read it. There are news, trends, detailed statistics, infographics, and tricks that successful brands use.


This company can be taken as an example of successful content marketing — they create truly high-quality and useful content for their target audience. They give answers to various questions: how to take pictures of goods, how to sell cosmetics, or how to fill out the description tag correctly. On YouTube, the company uploads tutorials, tips for businessmen, success stories of its customers, etc.


The site provides services for the implementation of sales funnels for businesses. In the blog, experts share their experience on the topic with the reader. The information is presented both in the form of text and audio (interviews with experts).

CMS Critic

There are reviews of various CMS, CRM, hosting, website templates, plugins, and marketing platforms. In general, there are reviews of everything that you need to do business on the Internet. Here there are tips for choosing online tools, guides, and much more.


There is a lot of information that is necessary for owners of online stores(starting from the choice of hosting and ending with promotion in the Internet). There are also free gifts in the form of an e-book or vector graphics for the site.


The blog teaches you to write product descriptions correctly, create catchy advertisements for social networks, and optimize pages for search engines. In general, they help increase the conversion of an online store. What is more, they publish lists of articles on ecommerce from other sources and provide useful statistics.


Are you looking for suitable ways to increase your conversion? Not sure how to make your customers more loyal? Expert long-reads will help you. There are a lot of them in the blog. Get ready to dive into an ocean of knowledge.


There are cool articles on PPC advertising, retargeting, analytics, and conversion optimization. Here you can find a lot of free resources: GIFs, guides, webinars, courses, audio interviews, video from conferences (you can download slides), as well as reports on the results of work with various companies.


This blog helps online store and landing page owners run experiments and tests correctly in order to increase conversion rates. There are cases, real examples, and a free e-book.


In the blog, they write about internet marketing and SEO for e-commerce, but this is only one of their specializations. The authors share tips on online trading business (opening a store, drop shipping, outsourcing, selling a business, etc.). There are a lot of personal cases. Unfortunately, the content is rarely updated.

Social Media Examiner

This is the website every Social Media Manager (SMM) should know about. Everything is collected in one place (e.g. the nuances of promotion in social networks, researches, recommendations, life hacks). There is also a podcast and a weekly morning SMM talk show in video format (available only after registration).


There are thousands of tips on how to create attractive content for social networks and get the most out of it on the website. This is a must-read for those who develop content strategies for social media.

Sprout Social

This is a body of knowledge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn (publishing content, user engagement, analytics) presented on the website in the form of guides, cases, and infographics.

The Social Media Hat

The site design, of course, raises a number of questions, but this certainly cannot be said about the articles. They are very detailed and of high quality. The main topic is SMM but there is also content over SEO, email marketing, and blogging. Anyone can get a free guide on "survival" in Facebook (75 tips, secrets, tools, resources and hacks for business) from the author of the blog after the user enters his e-mail.

Kim Garst

According to Forbes, Kim Garst is one of the ten most influential social media marketing experts. She publishes both her own articles on digital marketing and guest posts. If you work with Facebook, you will definitely be interested in the free e-books offered by the author.

Jon Loomer Digital

This website has everything about creating an effective Facebook advertising campaign. The blog is highly specialized so you can find answers to almost any question on working with this site on its pages. Apart from Facebook, John speaks on other topics in the podcast.

Post Planner

This is a blog about social media marketing that differs from others not only in the topics of the articles, but also in its ingenious design and illustrations. Here you can exchange your e-mail for the free book called "101 ways to increase engagement on Facebook" (designed as attractive as the blog posts).

Buffer Social

The blog is mostly dedicated to SMM but there are publications on the digital topic as well. In addition, the company shares its cases as well as tips and tools used in the work.

Social Quant

This website is about promotion in social networks and everything related to it. Articles are published relatively rarely but the depth of immersion in the topic satisfies each time. You can regularly come across interesting infographics or a real case on promotion in social media.


This one is a Klondike for email marketers. In addition to articles, there is a section of resources in the blog. Here you can find white paper, useful reports, guides, and infographics on email marketing.


This website is another useful resource for those involved in email marketing. Here you can find everything you need to develop a successful email marketing strategy: video podcast on the design of letters, infographics with trends, relevant articles, and an e-book on the topic.


Examples of email newsletters of various companies, checklists for email marketers, professional secrets, and the latest trends are not a complete list of topics of articles published on this blog.


There is a lot of advertising for the company itself on this website, but in general the resource is good. It has a large number of publications so you can find a lot of useful information.

BONUS: resources for bloggers
Smart Blogger

You can find secrets, tools, and guides for smart bloggers on the website. Here you will learn how to create a blog, what to write in it, how to promote it, and how to make money on it. This includes information about useful tools, marketing techniques, using design to attract attention, etc. Readers are offered a PDF cheat sheet with many examples of writing killer headlines for blog posts in exchange for the user's e-mail.

Blogging Wizard

This is a useful resource not only for bloggers but also for marketers as it contains a large number of tips for promoting and increasing sales of information products.

Blogger Tips and Tricks

There are articles about creating blogs and their further monetization on the website. You can also find many good guides from the "For Dummies" category.

Become a Blogger

Here's everything that a beginner blogger needs. Simple and clear text guides are complemented by the author's infographics, videos, and audio.

Blog Tyrant

When the author sold one of his first blogs for $20,000 he realized that blogging can provide a good life, and he came to grips with the online business. A decent amount of knowledge and experience has accumulated with time, which resulted in a new blog with proven strategies and practical guides.
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