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2019 Content Marketing Must-haves

There's a good saying: "Content marketing is the only marketing left". NinjaPromo couldn't agree more, so our team analyzed the overall content marketing scene and track some clear 2019 (and maybe even further) industry trends and must-haves (at least of 5 them).
1. Authenticity.

Well, probably that's the point relevant for all times and nations, but as the industry's becoming more and more challenging and competitive, we do have to point this out. Authentic content is the only thing really interesting for the audience.

2. Personalized content.

A thing that (if implemented correctly) may boost up sales by almost 500%. Why? Everyone loves being treated as he or she is the only client of your company, or a client so important that you address them personally and ask for their very important feedback. Try to make your every client feel this way; it's definitely worth the effort.

3. Influencers.

Not a new thing at all, but the more digital our world becomes, the more need arises right in this aspect. Today, instead of simply ordering some native ads, you'd better become partners with your influencers: let them create unique content the way they do. And remember that local opinion leaders may be even better – as the target audience's almost reached!

4. Chatbots.
Chatbots never sleep. Seriously, they're 24/7 online, they answer quickly and right to the point. Surveys demonstrate that they're easy to use (compared with traditional apps), and do help clients to get the answers they need. By the way, we can help with this!

5. Storytelling.

An awesome idea to help clients get who you are, what you do and why they need it. Share your experience, do it emotionally, but professionally. How did you come up with your brand and why? What obstacles did you face? All this interesting, and all this shows you as an experienced and trustworthy person.

Thank you for reading! If you'd like to add something, or share your opinion, you're always welcome to do it!
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