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An Alliance of the Century: Influencer Marketing and Blockchain
NinjaPromo decided not to ignore the emerging trend of implementing Blockchain in the sphere of Influencer Marketing. Here is what we've found out.

Blockchain has burst in our lives like an eddy wind. Now it's here, there and everywhere.

Along with banks and fintech startups, players from other non-financial markets also paid attention to this technology and are looking for ways to take advantage of the opportunities it provides: Internet of Things, the diamond industry, the data management industry, Blockchain has found its fans even in the gambling and video game industries — another vivid example of the limitless and rich imagination of entrepreneurs. So, maybe it's a normal state of things when we talk about Blockchain entering influencer marketing field.

If you can't imagine that, keep reading, we have prepared some food for thoughts just for you.

First of all, we want to remind you that influencer marketing is the promotion of goods and services through popular bloggers on various online platforms. Now it's the most trending method of running an advertising campaign for almost any business.

The influencer market, expected to to be $10 Billion by 2020. Celebrities and micro-influencers are great for driving awareness of a product. The number of researches shows that the ROI increases when micro and mid-tier influencers are engaged in advertising campaigns of a brand.

But let's go straight to the point.

Every minute, tons of information are gathered in the digital sphere for the sake of marketing. This data is used in order brands can set up the correct targeting campaigns. And here arises one critical problem. A vast part of this traffic is fraudulently driven causing great losses for the marketing industry.

Taking into account that the huge amount of capital that brands invest (and there are times when lose) to attract potential clients, plenty of bloggers have to search for alternative means to present their message to users. And there, influencer marketing comes to the scene. It is replete with values.

And as for me, in the digital world, if you are not ahead, you are far behind the times.

Today, influencer marketing is suffering some change, because of the prevailing PC-based ecosystem that has drawn the recognition of the universe: Blockchain technology.

As trust is an integral element of the attractiveness of Blockchain technology, reliable and trustworthy, blockchain sphere is an ideal placing for campaigns of influencer marketing, useful both for promoters and for brands.
It is necessary to choose a visual aid that is appropriate for the material and audience.
Blockchain for Influencers

We consider influencers to be content generators in itself. Their scene is such services as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, even Snapchat. What's their aim? They want to stay closer to their fans and supporters. Often they simply have no time, efforts and technical fit-out, with the help of which they could mix with their audience at a higher level. For example, via their own sources and apps that would boost the engagement rates and enhance trust between them and the users.

And there we can bring Blockchain to the deal. With the help of a blockchain community and a market where devs, social media representatives, and brands are centered, you can create smart contracts among various parties to begin working on a campaign or a specific DApp for an opinion shaper to enhance info and payments in the blockchain providing management of social network information.

Via the introduction of tokenization logistics within a decentralized chain, the need for third parties s.a. influencer platforms or advertising firms (who often take a weighty percent of campaign profits) can be deleted. Thus, it will produce a stronger business-oriented system that affords vaster profits to all its parties ( influencers, companies, and devs). Operating such a framework, influencers could employ their own decentralized applications with users and their data to start promo campaigns with transparent processes and payments facilitated by smart contracts.

Blockchain for Brands

To pick the right influencer for your brand presentation is quite challenging. You need to find the one who really speaks to your targeted audience, catching their attention, time, engaging them. In addition, there are a lot of barriers like frauds and other obstacles.

However, via these systems which join influencer marketing and blockchain technology companies get the capability to reach and immediately "obtain" influencer assistance, for instance, sponsored publications or shout-outs.

Besides, companies can inspect trustworthy and transparent vital information of opinion leaders and their public to identify the most suitable influencers to co-work with. This guarantees that all ties formed through this way will be genuine and defended from a scam.

All that mentioned above will encourage the approval of blockchain technologies by marketing experts any time soon. Decentralized technologies and distributed ledger will increasingly come into play as they simplify transactions, make all the agents liable. These technologies afford safe, trustful conditions for every party concerned. For sure, these innovations will continue to modify influencer marketing and the whole digital sphere.

Big changes coming to the old marketing. Stay at the heart of it all with NinjaPromo!
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16 March / 2019