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Best Ads Of All Times

Long before digital marketing appearance, there were (and actually are) awesome ad campaigns that are still loved all over the word. NinjaPromo team browsed through the most notable ads of all times and chose our fav ones that cannot but be an inspiration.
So here we go!

1) Nike.

A world famous "Just Do It." has not always been the part of this sport brand giant. "Just Do It." appeared in need to lure new customers after that late 1980's fitness craze advent. Results were unbelievable – the company increased sales more than 11 times! What was the key? We would say: simplicity. What is the solution that you offer? How will your client benefit? No long promises, just 3 short words that made the tables turning.

2) Metro Trains.

Bet you have no idea what campaign we are talking about. That is the case when astonishingly successful ad has brought practically no fame to the company. Why is it successful still? Because that was the aim! Everyone remembers and knows by heart (well, some definitely do) the "Dumb Ways To Die" song from 2012 – a brilliant social ad campaign about safety around trains. We still remember that funny cartoon with dancing "beans", the song and the video game later. A brilliant way to discuss serious and important issues – without lecturing and moralizing. And we still remember it!

3) Old Spice.

One more incredibly popular campaign that became viral. After the success on TV in the beginning of 2010, the creators of "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" video launched another one. And one more after. And launched an interactive video campaign with the "Old Spice Guy" responding to fans online. The authors used every seed of ad's success to keep the audience engaged, and in this case, it was a brilliant decision.

4) Coca-Cola.
red truck
This industry giant has always been good at advertising, but the "Share a Coke" campaign became a new word in personalized targeting. It all started in 2011 in Australia (these guys have proved their creativity many times actually), when Coca-Cola printed one of 150 most popular names on each bottle. People love thinking that something is made personally for them, so it was pure success – folks started brushing through every store to find that very bottle with a name. Can't think up a better example of reaching the audience.

5) Always.

You cannot but agree that the most successful time for advertising products for women is the era of feminism. Strong social video and a holistic Internet initiative after that made "#likeagirl" campaign not just an ad but also a thought-provoking project in 2015. The moral is the following: stress the challenges that your customers face – show your presence and awareness, offer the solution and support. Especially if the issue (feminism in this case) has reached the degree it has now.

6) KFC.
Economic crisis may play evil tricks even on those pillars of (fast food) industry. But if you fail and let down your clients, rise up, say sorry, and carry on. In 2018, Kentucky Fried Chicken in the UK faced an awkward situation – they run out of poultry. This might have become a death sentence for the business, but the apology solution was off the charts. An empty KFC wings bucket with "FCK" letters served for "how awkward, we are so sorry", but in the manner that made everyone forget the fail and laugh together with ad creators. Saying sorry is not always boring and shameful, see.

7) YOU.

Yes, you see that right. It's your brand's ad campaign that can win that honorable position in this list. New techs bring new possibilities – digital marketing and promotion has collected all the best features of predecessors, all right to serve for your needs. At NinjaPromo, we create our services looking back at the most successful ad examples ever, as well as applying all our creativity in a new way. Each of our team's previous experiences was a new opportunity for mutual growth and meeting new clients with their individual needs, and a new lesson to learn. We always do our best for YOUR success.
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