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Best Google Games of All Times
NinjaPromo team wishes Sergey Brin happy birthday and, regarding this joyful event, offers you a collection of the best (at least on our opinion) Google games (doodle ones and not only!) of all times!
sergey brin
Here we go!

1. Quick, Draw!

Believe, you'll like this one even if your drawing skills are worse than awful. You are given 20 seconds to draw some object, and neural network has to "guess" your masterpiece. You know what is the funniest part? Looking through the drawings of other people! A good portion of sincere laughter is guaranteed!

2. Whodle.

An 8-bit doodle was created due to a petition signed by 4000 Whovians – fans of legendary British TV show Doctor Who – on a day celebrating the show's 50th Anniversary. Choose a Doctor (there are 11), take a supersonic screwdriver and go punch the Daleks and save Google letters!

3. Snake Game.

Nokia 3310 did not only become a (still living!) legend itself, but made the Snake Game World Mobile Game №1. Not a difficult thing if there are no games any more. But times have passed, and Snake still remains loved by many people! Google got the trend.

4. T-Rex game.
Oh no! Internet connection is lost! But Google made its page work without any Internet connection – just press Space and jump over nasty cactuses for as long as you can. Nice way to keep audience even in case of net failures.

5. Halloween.

Created in 2016, the doodle is still loved and played by many Google users. Not a wonder, as everybody loves cats! A tiny Cat from Magic Cat Academy who fights with ghosts in order to save her friends cannot leave anyone cold. Drop all the waste you're doing now and go help the Cat!


That was actually the start of Google doodles. The game was released in 2010 to commemorate 30th PAC-MAN anniversary, as well as demonstrate Google Chrome possibilities. As we see, the experiment became an unprecedented success – and not only with those nostalgic for old games of childhood.

7. Halloween 2018.

One more Halloween game – but this time ghosts are the good guys! Well, at least one team. In this first-ever multiplayer doodle game you are to play in a team of four "ghosts" – your team has to collect "wandering spirit flames before the moon is gone" and to surpass the opponent team. Different boosters and game bonuses included!

8. Solitaire.

Ha-ha, classics. The legacy of Windows XP is still alive, and not necessarily on any Windows. Choose difficulty mode and enjoy the most focusing game ever. In some cultures this game became a synonym to office work – maybe 'cause Solitaire is the best time killer of all times?..

Now you surely won't have a boring day at work!

P. S. Don't let your boss see this!
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