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Content Marketing: Both Content and Marketing

We often notice that content marketing usually means creating content without promotion. The question always comes to mind: do you really think that if you generate great content without any marketing, someone will find it?
content marketing
The promotion of content shows how you'll place content on not only your website but also other sources through paid digital media and earned digital media (online PR). Let's have a look at content promotion techniques:

Content Syndication: Guest Websites and Guest Blogging

What is syndication? It is a very popular content marketing tool that is usually applied when writing news and magazine articles. It includes placing unique content or may include parts of the original (content repurposing and content atomization).

There many methods of online content syndication:

Reposting articles from a blog to social media by using, for instance, RSS promotion instruments
Guest posts written on other sites
Paid posts on various websites
Being included in newsletters other than your own (e.g., a marketing technology seller's white paper can be posted on related websites to reach a new target audience)
The main drawback of the syndication is that you can't post the exact copy of your unique content on many websites because Google tracks similar or identical versions. The original version will be at the top of the search even if the article is syndicated on a source with more authority. The same post published on such a website may turn out to be higher in search.

Paid Ads on Digital Media

When we think about conventional media and advertising, we usually think of print and outdoor advertising or ads on TV. Digital media, however, offers promotion tools such as banner or video advertising.

Personal targeting allows us to cover a specific audience online via the client lifecycle to inform and re-inform prospective and current clients about our brands and products through retargeting. The visual from Venn Digital is a great summary of all the possibilities of social media for targeting audiences across the Smart Insights RACE lifecycle.

This picture summarizes the tools for getting top-of-funnel knowledge and makes us remember that personal targeting helps us reach specific audiences on the web through advertising methods such as retargeting and remarketing. We can inform prospective and current clients repeatedly about our brands and products using retargeting.

The Best Digital Media for Content Placing?

Content Placing
We all know that popular websites such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, and many other monetize their huge audiences from all over the world. If you want to make your content popular on these platforms, you'll need to pay to get the desired recognition. But don't worry. There are several ways to get organic traffic using your own social media.
You must remember that to attract your audience, you need to know where they are and be there.

Making Content Visible: Influencers and Digital PR

Let's look at the notion of earned media. It is the process of bloggers or the press sharing your posts or talking about your company via buzz marketing. The earned media can also be called digital PR.

This type of media is one of the best parts of online media t. Marketing specialists make use of various influencers, such as celebrities, professionals, or even small influencers, to get the maximum outreach on social networks and different websites.

The major earned media online marketing tools that you should use are the following:

Editorials: publish articles on websites or other sources where people can discuss your company or provide links to your website;
Blogger outreach: collaborate with famous people so that they will talk about your company, posts, or services;
Buzz marketing: people will discuss your content because it is worth sharing – these are sometimes ordinary who customers (a.k.a., everyday influencers) talk about your posts and articles because they are useful;
Digital media: post your articles on the website or a blog of an influencer.
Guest posting or blogging is an effective tool for raising awareness. You can also provide other blogs with content, which is a win-win solution. You will get more outreach by using backlinks while the publishing website will get free, high-quality posts.

Making Use of Your Online Media

Companies use their own online media to communicate via a controlled and free channel. Your online media may include:
  • A website

  • Social media pages

  • Newsletters or other tools of email-marketing

  • Mobile applications (if possible)
This technique should be a part of your online media plan because it helps increase outreach, involve clients and potential customers, and boost the number of returned users.

When making predictions during your annual planning of online marketing strategies, your media should be viewed the same way as paid and earned media.

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