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Copywriting As a Form Of Art: How to Make Your Texts Outstanding
Every skill needs mastering and constant training, moreover when it comes to an aspect that you claim to be you profession. Having gained quite good portion of experience, NinjaPromo team came up with some copy tweaks that may definitely be of good use for everyone interested at writing luring texts.
1. It's YOU, not we or us.

Actually, obvious, but kinda tricky point. Your tests are for and about customers, not you personally.

2. Leave boring words for school classes.

Too simple words sound make everyone yawn. Some may argue that it's not a literature book that has to be full of artistic constructions, but it's not a small talk at the same time. Come on! Make your texts sound (and look) catching!

3. You need awesome headlines.

No additional commentary. You. Just. Need. Them.

4. One-sentence paragraphs are the power.

Probably it's the best way ever to draw attention to some info within a text.

5. Come up with craft CTAs.

"Buy", "Join", "Call" — all of that is trivial and boring (point 2 explains why's that not good). "Become Successful", "Join Your Friends" and "Get Professional Advice" sound and look much better!

6. Add something personal.

Everybody loves to know that they're reading a text by a person, not a robot. Share personal experience and express your attitude towards the matter, that'd only be the benefit!
7. Answer the questions BEFORE they're asked.

8. Read your text aloud.

It may seem a bit weird, but it does help to improve some phrases that turn out confusing to read (and it happens much more often than you expect).

9. Use your audience's words.

Just brush through the comments and see how the folks speak. Using their phrases (but not overdo!) makes people see that you're one of them, so you deserve their trust. And their money!

10. Action!

If your texts are bald theory, they're hard to be taken seriously. Add something practical, some tips to be used by your readers in the topic-related matters.

11. Add jokes wisely.

Humor is a kind of thing that may be too personal, and even sound stupid if used in every single sentence. Copywriting is not a stand-up comedy, but some carefully chosen personal funny remarks may help lure people's attention.

12. Be a cruel editor.

To your texts, of course, not to readers. Tenderly written and loved texts may turn out to have bunches of drawbacks, but you may be reluctant to correct them. It's easy to understand — you do love what you've written, you do love these words, and you're ready to accept them the way they are. But your readers are not you. Edit and correct your texts as you're reader, not a writer. The more you do it now, the less you'll have to do it in future!

13. Avoid clichés.

It's just boring and only demonstrates that the author lacks words.

14. Ask rhetorical questions.

They require no answering, but give your audience room for personal ideas and provoke thinking thus merging deeper into the matter.

15. Include lists.

Yes, if you're still reading, you obviously see that practically all the article is a list. Well, they really make big info perceived better. If written as a single article, big but still united by one idea texts tend to cause headache.

Have something to add, or want to share some ideas or experience? We're waiting for your comments!
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