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Do You Speak Clear?

Whatever your startup deals with, it should be easy for everyone to understand its core ideas. NinjaPromo has some tips.
Startups (and actually all the projects) run into being misunderstood quite often. Well, better say "not understood at all". When you deal with social media, you may keep speaking the way you're used to in your team – with lots of professional slang and terminology. You're fine with this, and everything seems kinda clear, but it's a bitter mistake that may cost you the audience. Here are some tips that may help you clarify everything.

One of most confusing ideas is that your potential audience has to be interested in the topic, thus has to know each and every specific word you say. Actually, it is true, and not at the same time. The biggest part of social media users are the people of simple interests. Also, they may be engaged into absolutely different fields. If your posts are full of unfamiliar words, they will just scare the audience off. People may have a strong desire to understand the matter of your project, but such an "unfriendly environment" makes them leave.

Make your social media look (and sound) simple and clear for everyone – new projects themselves contain a lot of new material that needs deep understanding. Don't make it a science book. After all, scientists don't have spare time for social media. You're here to lure common people.
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