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How to Create Slaying Infographics That Will Bring You to the Top of the World

Infographics are a must-have for everyone. They are eye-catching and informative, they tell a certain story, and most importantly, they are adored by every audience. Infographics are the type of content that is the most characteristic of our time and pace of life. We don't pay that much attention to banners anymore, we don't have enough time to read long advertising text, and we tend to skip video ads. But infographics are the thing that we open on purpose because we want to know what this one or that one tells us.
slaying infographics
The devil is in details. A proper infographic is difficult to create. As a creative marketing agency, we have acquired expertise in infographics creation, and we are ready to share some tips on how to create that slaying infographic that will turn any humble business into a thriving industry mogul.
Zlata Verzhbitskaia
Jan 30, 2020

Tip #1: Choose the Right Topic

This step is crucial for the rest of the process. The topic should be relevant to your audience, as well as your business. Plus, it should carry some valuable information. You have to be an expert in what you're going to talk about. The digital space is full of amateurs, so true expertise is a thing of value.

Tip #2: Choose an Attention-Grabbing Title

After you come up with a top-notch topic, it's high time to come up with a title. Titles and subtitles are what people read first, and right the title determines whether users will read further or not. The title should be eye-catching, informative, short, and not trivial.

Don't overdo it here. Your topic should be clear at a glance!

Feel free to express creativity. A boring title is just as bad as a confusing one. Make sure your title fits the story and is relevant to the subject. If the title can't work without witty metaphors and alliterations, clarify it with the subtitle.
Note: Read the title you came up with from the user's point of view. Look at the title only—no subtitle, no images, no anything. Do you understand what the infographic is about? Does the title evoke the desire to click on it? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you are on the right path!

Tip #3: Clarify the Data

We don't think it's necessary to make finding the data its own step. If you didn't have data to share, you wouldn't have come up with the idea of an infographic.

Data is an awesome storytelling tool, but bald numbers and statistics may be quite hard to read. Highlight what each piece of data means, considering the portrait of your average reader—the level of knowledge, cultural background, age, and preferences.

Important! Make sure data descriptions are short and informative. They shouldn't sound like encyclopedia extracts. The ability to say important things in simple words will take you far!

Tip #4: Make a Good Structure

good structure
Hardly any story starts with the end (Benjamin Button doesn't count). Every good book, movie, or TV-series has a plot, which is the backbone of any further development. If the plot is good, the final story will be top quality as well. Your infographic is also a story—one that needs a logical structure and guidelines.

You can start your infographic with some necessary background information (like a prologue in a book or a movie). There's no need to make it very long. Two or three sentences will be enough.

Also, it may be beneficial to structure the content modularly. This strategy naturally separates one section from another, helps organize thinking and perception, and makes it easy to extract single parts to enrich other relevant content you create.

Tip #5: Create Strong Visuals

The visuals for your infographic are as important as the text. The infographic should be pleasant to look at and stand out from the crowd.

Let's do some simple research. Search for any infographic on Google. Now, look at all those pictures. Do they all evoke the desire to click on them? Are they all eye-catching? What background color appeals to you more than the others?

When doing this research, act as your audience. Choose what you like and click on it. If you find an infographic boring, close it. Remember which ones you liked the most and why, and follow your notes when designing yours.

Tip #6: Learn from the Best

It's no secret that many professional teams around the world have designed great infographics, and there's nothing to be ashamed of if you search for inspiration among these works. For example, we like this list of the 100+ best infographics created by different companies, which will certainly inspire everyone to create their own. Take a look, analyze what you see, choose the best, and make a better one that will inspire others. Then find the one inspired by your work, analyze it, and create a better one once again. Remember, the sky is the limit!

Final Thoughts

If you need a little help creating a striking infographic (as well as any other type of content), feel free to contact us and discuss anything you need help with or would like to know more about. We are happy to share!
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