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How to Get Media Attention to Your Business in 2019?
If you run your own business and proudly call yourself an entrepreneur, you probably have a VISION. That means that you know exactly what your first step will be and what the hundredth step will be. Thus, you know for sure that your even perfect-tailored product or service won't guarantee you success.

What will guarantee then?

NinjaPromo will answer: "Media exposure!"

Investing some time, not even money(!!!) in gaining some media representation of your company will assure your brand awareness and provide your company "fulfillment" by attracting new potential customers.

Run your targeted audience to Earth with the help of Media Relations!

Just for reference, Media Relations is communication management technologies, which purpose is to ensure the systematic work of the company's management with such media system components as the press, publishing houses, television, broadcasting, information agencies, the Internet platforms, public relations and press services and advertising agencies.
How does it work?

Once you appear in news headlines as an expert or the object of discussion you automatically turn into the "target". People who read blogs, watch YouTube reviews, or simply follow a couple of influencers on Instagram will notice you and get wise to your brand existence. Moreover, if you are quoted or referred to, it will gift you people's assurance in you as a brand. You must admit that it's MUCH better and more impactful than paid search advertising, for instance.

Media Relations grant you an opportunity to get represented in Media at no extra charge apart from quality content, that would be of some real value for a reporter and his audience relatively. So we have been working like navvies and managed to generate a couple of tips for you and your business!

1. Learn what Mass Media wants

If we want to attract the attention of Business Media, we speak about people, numbers, money, forecasts, goals, details of transactions, dominant names, impact on the economy, etc. If it's Social and Political Media, there is a sense in involving government officials, covering state-level problems. And please, do not add branded information but statistics are always welcomed. Glossy magazines love when you tell lively, fascinating stories with vivid visual elements and photos, speak about modern trends, include some practical information for consumers, advice and so on. Specialized publication requires coverage of specialized informational occasions and the ability to test products.

Now we are coming to the most popular sources of your promotion: Online Media and Social Media. Online Media, websites (news feeds, online print versions, online publications, content aggregators) are interested in fresh and interesting information, as they have the opportunity to make instant publications. They are looking forward both to a continuation of the "old" stories and hot news. In general, they are similar to traditional offline media bit offer the possibility of republishing on other websites with a link. And finally, universal appeal — Social Media (blogs, microblogs, communities, forums). Here it is vital to offer entertainment content: contests, giveaways, etc and viral content like videos, memes, gifs and other tools that involve users in communication.

2. Become a reader.

This point stems from the first one. In order to know your audience, its wants and needs, you should read what it read, follow what it follows and love what it loves. As simple as that! You can sign up for newsletters and you will be privy to what news and articles every brand considers to be worth reading. In addition, you get to know how to write and what to focus on.

3. Offer something unique.

Offer unique content. Tell your readers/viewers about something they do not know (tempting headlines won't be odd) For instance, "I have been eating only chocolate for a month and look at me now!" Creativity is your best PR outreach.

4. Think different.

Well, omnipresence is a key (only where your TA is, of course) Introduce your content across all possible channels, and don't neglect the traditional ones. Create really relevant pitches and ensure the prompt follow-up. And do not forget to adopt real-time journalism with newsjacking opportunities.

5. Nurture relationships.

Build strong working relationships with your key journalists, bloggers, and influencers. Learn how they work and try not to show your genuine interest. Make yourself accessible to the Media and be responsive to their inquiries.

Create a database of your personal contacts in the media. Address ratio allows you to stage a follow-up — tracking the "fate" of your news or article. As after it is sent, it is unlikely to be published by itself. Usually, a journalist receives a sheer number of various press releases and articles a week and it takes time for him/her to process all. That's why follow-up is important. In other words, sending a letter with your info is just the beginning of work. Sometimes the message about the company is published in the media a quarter after sending a press release, and during this time it is repeatedly processed, it can be completely changed both in content and in meaning. But the main thing is the result, i.e. publication in this edition.

6. Analyze every detail.

First, track your competitors and up-to-the-minute tendencies. Second, use analytics tracking and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Third, analyze the outcomes of your media relations strategy (yep, you should develop one). Learn to understand your PR ROI.

What really matters?

  • Expertise in your field. No one wants to "pall around" with amateurs. Make sure you know what you write and speak about.

  • Long term relationship. Media relations are more important than short-term results, be consistent and systematic.

  • Respect to your Media partners and targeted audience. Be tolerant, polite and honest (no mahaha-mahoola!) and people will be pleased to work with you.
Thus, do not be afraid, make the Media a reliable partner of yours not only in your brand promotion but in the creation of company image! NinjaPromo is by your side!

Thank you for reading this article! Please, share it if you'd enjoyed it and tell us what you think about the major Media Relations and PR. Also, you might like our other stories:

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16 March / 2019