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How to Make a Catching Text for the 100th Time
A situation every marketing agency is familiar with: although all your clients are different, they may have alike project concepts. Of course, they have unique features, but the core basis is practically the same. A restaurant and a chocolate factory are about food, an amusement park and a resort have leisure as a core idea, a cryptocurrency exchange and a bank are likely to have tokens/coins and blockchain features these days. Still every client gets a portion of unique content. NinjaPromo team has collected some copy and marketing tweaks to share.
1. Share your own ideas.

Yes, that may seem too obvious, but this is the most useful idea. What are you trying to do when you get down to a new task? You (and all of us actually, that's human nature) begin to recollect something that has already been said, and try to do something of a kind (or vice versa, avoid each and every word in that material). Both ideas are not good. Why? First of all, there's just a limited amount of words in a language, so some words will repeat whether we want it or not. Then, why do you actually need a sample? Samples set limits, but the creativity needs none.

2. Look at the client's project/product/service.

What are your first thoughts? What attracted you at first sight? What would you like to explore in more details? What are the brand colors and what thoughts do they evoke? Why could these colors be chosen actually?
Even if core ideas repeat, the wrap is always different.

3. Imagine that you are the audience,

and create the content you'd click on yourself. Your goal is to attract customers, and you could actually be one of them! If you consider some content boring, your audience will do the same. Don't make the audiences read the material you would never like to read yourself.

4. Find strong sides.

And week, as well, to know what to avoid while promoting the client's product. Let's come back to strengths. It is always easier to describe something good, so here you can express all your literature potential. Still remember that it's rather an article than a book — don't overuse synonyms and idioms, difficult for perception.

The weather was fine.boring.

The weather was as wonderful as a falling star on the cotton-candy colored sky, when the sun has just set down and the slight fog has covered the young juicy grass. — good for a book, but not for an article or a post.
acid nature
The weather was so awesome that I couldn't make myself go home all day long. — here we have a) a strength itself; b) personal attitude; c) an idea how to use this strength. Perfect!

5. Read more.

Yes, we recommend you to read more. Articles, books, magazines, posts — every single thing that contains words. It is not a discovery that reading boosts up your vocabulary and helps to express your thoughts better. But in our busy lives we often forget to devote some time to reading, thus making our brains starve. It's actually the same if you stop eating — you'll feel sick and tired (and hungry!) and have no energy and desire to work (and live in general). So what creativity we may talk about if the brain is hungry?

You may start feeding your beloved brain with some of our articles, like this one. Or this. Or even this!

We hope that all your clients are totally different, and you'll have to use these tips really seldom!
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