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How to Stand Out on Instagram Among Competitors
December 12, 2020
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How to Stand Out on Instagram Among Competitors

General Outlook

Instagram is like a fridge. You keep opening and closing it every few minutes to see if there's anything good when you get bored. According to Yotpo, the average visit duration is 192 seconds, which is 40% more than Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The service is one of the most popular platforms, with 500+ million daily active users. Besides, it is a leader in social media marketing. Naturally, brands want to reap the maximum benefits here.

Although Insta is still mostly focused on images, it is continuously adding new tools to bring followers and withdraw business on a new level. The social networking app proposed its own video hosting solution in 2018: IGTV (aka Instagram TV). People used to share the live stream in stories available only for 24 hours. Afterward, it was deleted automatically. In 2020, it has become possible to save the broadcast on IGTV immediately. What a time to be alive, right?

Reels is another innovation. This function allows the creation of short videos and putting music or various effects. Many users call the tool the Tik-Tok's closest brother. But the developers assure these have something in common but are not the same thing.

What are other ideas to gain more followers and provide a new beginning for your business? Let's find out!


Content quality requirements are too high these days. Not everyone can experience a luxurious lifestyle where there are pristine beaches and the finest restaurants. That's why posting frequency on the feed started to fall. In addition, people are ashamed of taking selfies without Photoshop. The biggest challenge concerns pressure from other users. Everyone wants to publish more but not turn the profile into an art gallery.
Stories address one of the significant problems of Instagram - glamor. Content that disappears in 24 hours and is easy to record becomes a superior alternative to daily posts. Stories mitigate the pressure as they can be spontaneous. They need not be processed; they are a piece of real life. Most stories are made with the usual camera. Poor quality does not deter viewers as they watch them on smartphones.


These tools are even more informative than pictures. Their popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years. The thing is that brands start involving GIFs in their Internet marketing campaigns. Biggies like Samsung and Starbucks are among those who use the graphics interchange format to spice up an SMM strategy. The animated image is the most preferred option for advertising your service. If you want the truth, it is an excellent choice to attract the audience's attention.

In today's world, people have little time. Traditional methods of promoting a product have become irrelevant. Short animations are the most realistic and acceptable alternative. GIFs are often preferred over still images that show no activity. That's why this is the absolute best way to win the hearts and minds of the viewers.
The Replay GIF is perfect for companies that want to bring everyone up to speed or connect a current event to their business. The Reaction GIF never fails to get a big laugh, especially if used in a smarter fashion to react to a specific topic. Technical GIFs help to create an even deeper animation experience. The Perfect-Loop GIF is ideally positioned to market non-stop service or to advertise a product.


The first-time the king of social engagement showed up, images were likely the most sought-after. Things have changed since then. Video has become more appealing, memorable, and popular than any other content. It has a status higher than a blog. It's used to intrigue possible clients, increase brand awareness, and maintain close liaison with followers.
The best part is that editing video is a no-brainer. Existing tools require no specific training and will help you create something special in no minutes. Businesses of many kinds and purposes can start a video for Instagram. Thanks to unique apps, you don't have to go on YouTube and search for tutorials. These applications make your life easy.


Cinemagraph is a synergy of photo and video formats. On the technical side, we are talking about a GIF file. Using this tool, you attract more attention to your content. This means the picture remains static, like a photo, but one detail becomes animated, like a video.
What's so special about cinemagraph? An ordinary photo impresses nobody. The video format often comes to the rescue. Recording everything that happens to you would be inappropriate. The Harry Potter-like moving image becomes the golden mean.

Stop Motion

Video content in the online environment is today in demand as never before. However, it is a whole to-do, you know? You need to find people who look good on camera, learn how to make a video, crop it, etc. To do these things yourself is hard, but specialists charge a great deal of money. It's not all bad, though.
Stop motion is the perfect choice for those who want to make video content with no fuss, no muss. These are created from photos in a specific sequence. On request, it is possible to set them to music or speech. It doesn't sound very cool, but it usually looks this way. Stop motion is essential and indispensable for commercial accounts if you sell clothes, phones, anything. Objects that appear to exhibit independent motion are a huge success. Check any brand, from H&M to Google, and you are guaranteed to find a stop-motion technique.

Explainer Video

This format is used to present your service and for subsequent sale. Face it: the amount of new information in the world is growing exponentially every day. Never-ending texts and standard presentations have nothing to do with a high-quality product description. Your target audience simply ignores them. All people want is to understand why your company sells something that's better than the competition.
"Explain business story" is a tool that takes a minimum amount of time to provide clients with the maximum amount of information about a product. You can talk about the technology, advantages, and motivate people to make a buy. This information would not be so effective in the form of text or pictures.

Final Thoughts

Do you still dream of becoming Instafamous? Now you know there are many options to create cohesive, on-brand content that aligns with your business and keeps your followers coming back for more.

We understand you sometimes have trouble deciding on images and videos. The carousel is a beautiful way to alternate them and shake up your feed. Ensure you don't overdo it. Otherwise, you will have users all confused and messed up in the head. And remember: the longer you keep them engaged, the more Instagram rewards you. Focus on the daily process of improving your account by one percent each day, and the results will take care of themselves. Good luck!
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