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Influencer Marketing 2019 — Instagram Style
As we discussed last time, Instagram has exploded in 2018 and is likely to take an even bigger piece of the entire influencer marketing field for itself. So today we at NinjaPromo are talking about the trends of #Instamarketing to keep in mind in 2019.
Instagram Stories

With over 400 million daily users, Instagram Stories has almost become a marketing platform of its own. Many companies are quite open that they treat it as a separate category in their influencer marketing campaigns.

Among the contributors to such popularity of the format are its constantly added features, for example, stickers. Their features are updated all the time, providing marketers with new tools for capturing attention. In addition, stickers offer more ways of engagement with the audience — one of the latest additions, the "countdown" sticker, is proving itself as an extremely efficient instrument for raising interest in the post and notifying followers of the upcoming events or releases.

This leads to the possibility of adding stickers to Instagram ads in the nearest future, so don't miss on them.
Another potential change that may be linked to the stories is the appearance of brand- or celebrity-related stickers, in the way similar to brand filters that are already a part of Instagram.


This is a general trend for social media across the board. But due to the accessibility of high technical quality of the content (modern smartphones allow for almost professional quality of photos and videos) authenticity is going to become especially trendy on Instagram.

The platform is overloaded by filtered and staged photos. Thus authenticity and unique experiences are truly the only way to become noticeable and relevant on Instagram in 2019. So during Instagram promotion the brands, products and services should be shown in active use.


Just a few years ago vertical videos were considered a lack of taste. Or at best something of extremely private or urgent nature, when there's no time to set the camera horizontally. But with the rise of Instagram the vertical videos gained their second chance.

Introduction of IGTV allows for uploading over 1-minute-long videos, thus eliminating the need for creating separate accounts on other platforms like YouTube and waste time on them when the target audience uses primarily Instagram.

In essence, IGTV offers another format for Instagram advertising and a new type of reach to Instagram audience for brands.

Instagram shopping

According to experts, over 70% of users buy products after they see it on Instagram. The platform has already taken advantage of it, having introduced the concept of the shopping posts, which allow buying directly from the photo. And since it has provided significant results, there's a good chance the number of such posts will increase. Given that the prime audience of the platform — Generation Z and the Millennials — values the convenience of every single action over everything else, we should expect the massive growth of this feature this year.

Instagram marched into 2019 with a new toolset for advertisers. New ways of promoting, reaching and engaging with the audience promise a fascinating 2019 for Instagram, its users and marketers.

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16 March / 2019