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Instagram Stories 2019: Fresh Statistics and Promotion Secrets

Stories is a separate universe inside Instagram. It's the place where you can find both disappearing and the most real content. After 24 hours of publication, Stories disappear if you do not save them in the relevant section. But even in such a short time, they are able to attract interest, build trust, and establish feedback with users.
If your business is not yet using the full capabilities of Instagram Stories, this piece of article will be useful for you. It collects the latest statistics on the use of Stories for marketing in 2019 and lists the most promising promotion strategies on the platform. To understand the features of Stories, we will compare the classic Insta posts with Stories.

Instagram Stories have proven to be an efficient customer-attracting tool.

Furthermore, they increase brand awareness and conversion. Do you want to get the most out of the Stories feature? Here's what you need to know:

Growth of Instagram Stories' popularity

- 500 million daily active users;

- 96% of marketers who advertise products in Stories plan to continue doing so in the next 6 months;

- 1/3 of the most viewed Stories are published by brands.

What marketers say

The companies are satisfied with the results of the promotion in Instagram, especially the advertising in Stories. As a result, they publish more Stories.

- 72% of companies attracted new customers from the Instagram account of the brand.

- 74% of marketers publish at least 2 videos to Stories every month.

- 62% of companies say that Stories motivated customers to write them direct messages.

- 70% of marketers post Instagram Stories ONCE a WEEK or more.

How to stand out in Stories

1. Publish the best content first. From the very beginning, attract attention with a bright image or inspirational text.

2. Make a statement about your brand. Use the unique colors of the brand, fonts, and logo to increase visibility in the Stories associated with it.

3. Don't forget about the sound. Add music to Stories or just a voice to interest those who turn on the sound when viewing.

4. Study the audience. Create content that is useful and interesting to your target audience.

Differences between posts in the Instagram Feed and Stories

Instagram Feed

Constant. Posts remain in the profile forever.

Increase the outreach. Posts are often shown to a new audience.

Without sound. Most users turn off the sound when viewing their feed.

Planned. Content for the feed is usually carefully prepared.

Official. Your feed is the face of the brand and the company.

Studied. Many marketers have a strategic approach to promoting in the feed.

Instagram Stories

Temporary. Stories disappear after 24 hours.

Increased engagement. Subscribers actively interact with Stories.

With sound. 70% of Stories are viewed with sound on.

Spontaneous. Stories are shared here and now.

Mental. Stories is the soul of your brand and company.

New. Marketers are just learning the format and are constantly experimenting.

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