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Is E-mail Marketing Dead?
Technological progress does not stand still and gradually replaces many things we know and love — or at least are used to. It is believed that Airbnb threatens the hotel business, and BlaBlaCar and other services for travel companion search undermine the passenger transportation industry.

The number of victims among digital marketing tools also continues to grow. For several years the death of SEO and e-mail newsletters has been predicted. The conversation around the end of e-mail marketing sparked again after the EU reform of privacy policy. And Internet users are constantly discussing possible ways of expanding communication with followers. So NinjaPromo joins the conversation.

On the one hand, there are many new channels of communication with customers, like social media or messengers. And some marketers seek to put all their efforts there, completely moving away from email marketing. The development of business technologies is also influenced by the generation of millennials. They easily give up on everything that seems outdated to them. The new generation thinks and acts on other patterns.

On the other hand, statistics indicate that the number of e-mail newsletters is increasing every year. And most subscribers find it convenient to receive information about discounts and promotions by e-mail. After all, it's not as annoying as spam bombardments in messengers. Now messengers have become garbage cans for advertising. It became difficult to find private or business contacts among tons and tons of the messages from companies that regularly shovel their "best offers" in our faces.

Messengers' secret of attraction

From the marketing point of view, the biggest advantage of messengers is that messages sent through them have a much higher rate of clicks and responses than e-mails.

Messengers are capable of providing CTR (Click-through Rate) in the range from 15% to 60%. Even the lowest numbers exceed the average e-mail CTR. However, the rate of failures is also high in messengers. But the remaining users cover the losses with their activity.

Meanwhile, the creation of a chatbot in messengers requires careful selection of the platform with acceptable technical characteristics and the ability to analyze the reach of the target audience. Also, the base from one platform cannot be transferred to another. Moving from platform to platform, you have to fill it all over again.

E-mail Marketing strikes back

When it comes to calculating ROI and attracting customers, e-mail marketing is still the most effective channel. The amount of return on investment, which email marketing provides is around $40 for every dollar spent. Which is far more superior to other marketing tools.

Another advantage of email newsletters is related to the well-established habits of the recipients. Agree that even those Internet marketers who have refused to send, start their day with a cup of coffee and checking email. Also, more than half of people over the age of 55 claims that they are more accustomed to viewing messages on a computer, rather than on mobile phones.

The main advantage of e-mail is that everyone has it. Not everyone has accounts in social media, but everyone has an e-mail address since today it's a requirement of life in the first-world and developing countries. This is a key digital identification feature that is required to register any other account on the Internet. Therefore, using e-mail newsletters you reach a much larger audience than with other marketing tools.

The base of email addresses with you remains forever, it can be transferred from one mailing service to another.

There are still some difficulties. The base is collected slower, bit by bit, and sometimes it can take quite a long time. Also, email providers can create additional problems for newsletters, inventing new restrictions to block newsletters or send them to spam.

Who wins in the end?

It is recommended to start communicating with customers using e-mail marketing. This is a universal tool that is able to reach the widest audience for a minimal fee. Moreover, some platforms offer free services. Also, newsletters allow saying a lot more than in just a few short sentences in the messenger.

One of the amazing features of e-mails is flexibility. You send anything you want. Detailed content and short articles, images and videos, links, advertising letters and audio files, event announcements, polls and so on. This allows for testing a wide variety of options before finding the best option that provides the highest conversion rates.

Thank you for reading this article! Please, share it if you'd enjoyed it and tell us: do you think e-mail marketing still has the future? Also, you might like our other stories:

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16 March / 2019