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Messenger Etiquette

Everyone will love you if you follow these simple rules.
01. Try not to use voice messages

Imagine: you need to remember a task number or some vital information, but to do this, you'll need to listen to 10 minutes of audio. As you know, it's nearly impossible to find necessary information in the middle of audio messages. If you can't do without voice messaging, you should also write a short message explaining what the audio is about.
voice message
02. Try to write everything important in one message

Don't abuse the trust and notifications of people who haven't muted or blocked you yet.

But if you've already gone down that path, try to summarize everything in one message.
03. Save the context

'Reply' exists in almost every messenger — use it, especially in group chats. Be a part of a message thread, as opposed to using a new message each time. Be the Ariadne's Thread in this line of unread messages.
04. Don't call without asking

The right to call someone without asking is limited to your mother, your wife/husband, your child, or the hero of a horror film. Tell someone that you'll call in advance: the chances that the person's phone will be unmuted will be higher.

If you warned them in advance, but the person didn't reply, you can still call: that's the only exception to the rule.

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05. Don't hide

We know that it's irritating for everyone: when someone is online , but doesn't answer for more than a day. If you're busy, just reply with: I saw your message, I'll answer later.
hide and seek
06. Ask your interlocutor what is convenient for him

In reality, these rules don't always work. The best thing to do is to ask directly: is it okay if I send you a voice message? is it okay if I call?
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