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Hi everyone! Today we are going to discuss chatbots and their efficiency.

As you know, a chatbot is an application that uses some AI-pattern while having a chat with customers. Using a chatbot allows you to answer frequently asked questions, share various information, give recommendations, send any type of messages and assist your clients to make a choice. The significance of a chatbot lies within its ability to automatize main business processes.

Chatbots can be used in or for:

1) Sales. You can sell your items or services with comfort — bot asks the client about his or her preferences and forms the proposal based on the answers.

2) Mailing. Mailings demonstrate the high involvement of your subscribers — you will increase both your Open Rate and Click-through Rate. Different types of mailings can be sent to everyone who has previously contacted your team or site.

3) Automatization. Simple — just automate your support. You can collect frequently asked questions and add auto-answers to them, thus allowing your support team to solve complicated and unique issues.

4) Segmentation. Segment your audience and determine its needs in order to make relevant offers. The bot can analyze user responses and offer a service that solves his or her current problem.
You may ask: but will this bot fit MY business? We will answer: yes, it will fit any business.

1) Have an internet shop or another selling platform? The bot will ask questions and select offers based on your client's answers. Don't forget checking the availability of your goods and ordering process. And of course, even now you can imagine various discounts, promotions, news, reviews or tips.

2) Educational project? Use a bot to register for the necessary course, support your students, answer frequently asked questions, show them your special offers and timetables.

3) Fitness activities? Use a bot to sell or renew subscriptions, choose new lessons and consult your personal instructor.

4) Restaurant? Order home delivery, book a table and pre-order food with a single chatbot.

5) Tourism? We all know that tourism is all about digging out the necessary information. Plan a tour? A tourist route? Want to book or buy a ticket? Want to choose a hotel without speaking to the manager? The bot is ready to serve, sir.

6) Medical care? Make an appointment with a doctor; call a doctor; get your personal results. Your clients can find out all the information about your clinic services and specialists without overloading your call-service.

7) Telecommunications sphere? Automate your support, allow users to change their tariff plans or replenish their accounts. Make it possible to apply for connection of your additional services via chatbot.

To Sum It Up

Modern people are getting tired of different applications: they need to be downloaded, they occupy some memory space on your phone or tablet. Sites require a search request, the necessity of being logged in.

We offer you a new and efficient alternative — our chatbots. They are ready to be a part of a messenger your client already uses, so don't hesitate to use our bots — your business success awaits you!
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