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Swiss Coffee Marketing

Historical throwback

What awesome day is July 24: Simón Bolívar was born (that's why Ecuador has a national holiday today!) in 1783, Mormons founded Salt Lake City in 1847, instant coffee was invented (1938), Italy banned masons (1981) and IBM upgraded its famous DOS to version 3.3 (1987).

You know what fact is the most notable? A coffee one. Why? It's not true.
Here's the perfect example of how good marketing and branding may bring you a fortune. First prototypes of instant coffee were produced in mid 1800's for American army, at the same time it was sold in Georgia, already bottled and referred to as "ready-made coffee drink from England". The first one to patent it was Alphonse Allais (France, 1881), but who got all the fame? The Swiss.

They did not invent instant coffee in 1938. They just introduced a more advanced refining process and launched commercially marketed production. And had a brand name, of course. Nescafé did what everyone else knew, but didn't came up with proper marketing on time.

In the result, in some languages they began to use Nescafé brand name for instant coffee in general (like Serbian and Arab), and the brand itself is renowned for being world №1 coffee producer. That's how marketing works! You may not like instant coffee at all, but you do know the brand, and strongly associate it with coffee.

The same could happen to anyone — and how bitter it is to be the first to invent but not to make profit at all. Companies need to be heard about, to be with their audience, to reach them and to maintain market presence.

In companies like NinjaPromo, well-built teams work their best to help active inspiring results. Much easier than trying to cope on your own!
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