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Things You Neglect Because They Are Obvious While Marketing Your Crypto Project
It's time we talk something so glaringly obvious that people forget to pay attention to it. NinjaPromo reminds you of the four indispensable aspects of digital marketing of your blockchain project.
Blockchain industry, despite its position becoming more and more prominent, is still considered a dark horse of industries by far too many people — both general public and professionals. People don't unlock their potential as crypto investors, and venturers are at best skeptical about crypto market.

And that's understandable, given such factors as lack of history of the industry and intangible nature of the services and products provided by many blockchain businesses. As a result, there's simply not enough clarity when it comes to determining whether this or that project can become successful and is worth spending money on.

Yes, crypto projects require a lot of investment. And people don't like spending their hard-earned money on something they see as vague and undetermined.

Blockchain projects stand on the shoulders of their communities. But how do you get a community in such harsh conditions?

Any crypto business can rise above the others if it has the right marketing strategy. As in any other field, there is no universal solution to every case. Blockchain marketing is trickier than most, with some traditional marketing tools being barely suitable and others not working at all. Each project requires unique approach, so a thoughtful business owner would get proper marketing team or turn to ICO marketing agency. But there are still several steps which should be taken by everyone entering the blockchain race.

Website: Your Corner Of The Internet

It should be obvious at this point that a website for a business is like food for people: in any form it's vital for surviving but it needs to be of high quality so that survival could turn into prosperous life. Having an obligatory landing page with zero to no information, several slogans and a couple of contacts isn't enough even for traditional businesses, let alone crypto projects that are online-based entirely. For your project to become successful you need professional UI/UX design with thought-out branding of the platform that provides relevant and accessible information to any reader, whether they are blockchain savvy investors or occasional visitors who happened to come across your website by accident. Brief videos that explain the peculiarities of the project would also be of great benefit to you.

Note: avoid deep crypto slang and highly specific industry terms — they are scary for average potential investors and hardly impressive for competent specialists. Be simpler to understand, and people will be drawn to you in greater numbers.

Also, don't forget to make the design of your website responsive. According to Statista, 52.2% of worldwide website traffic in 2018 is generated through mobile phones, and it's genuinely surprising that to this day even some technology-related companies would neglect this aspect of web-design and instead either put mobile design for desktop version (which is both ugly and barely usable) or completely forget about it (which might lead to all the elements of the site to pile together into unreadable mess).

White Paper: Diving Into Details

Your white paper is that proper and highly specific document which your website shouldn't be. In it you describe in great detail how your crypto business operates and what issues it solves. White Paper should explain the intricacies of your ICO project, emphasize its features and provide every bit of information a potential investor might be interested in.

Note: don't make your white paper overcomplicated. It's as much a piece of promotional material as it is a thorough description of your entire enterprise. A well-compiled white paper is a great tool for swaying public your way.

Your white paper should be easily found on your website, so that your visitors turn into investors as quick as possible.

Social Media: Presence Is a Must

To reach your existing audience and constantly expand it, you need to establish 24/7 connection to your following. And the best way to do that is through social networks. Facebook and Telegram groups, a YouTube channel, corporate Twitter account, project's subreddits and BitcoinTalk threads — all those means and more are invaluable in establishing your community.

Note: be careful with your social media presence though. Crypto businesses are highly specific, and you need to evaluate your project and its audience to determine which platforms to use because in many cases you just don't need to be everywhere at once. If you don't, you might lose time and money on something that doesn't push you forward at all.

Crypto projects are highly dependent on their following, and you need to make sure you receive feedback from them, and they get to contribute to the project development at least in a small way.

Press: Do You Even Need It?

The short answer is: yes, you do. Here's a long answer: even though crypto is an online business, so are many of mainstream and fintech outlets. Some evolved from their "paper phase" and entered the digital era, others developed on their own with the spread of Internet. But to promote your project and to show the potential investors that you mean business you need to get involved with popular media like Bloomberg and Forbes, as well as with crypto related once, like Cointelegraph and CCN.

Note: if you struggle to find a starting point, you can compose one-page proposal with your initiative and send it to editors or writers, attaching your white paper if you want to. However, they get such proposals every day, so make sure your message is brief and highly informative.
Having your press releases or articles published in prominent media outlets would boost your reputation, as well as the quality and the size of your audience.

These are the four directions you absolutely have to cover when you figure out a marketing strategy for your blockchain project. Present it clearly, highlight its strengths, don't waste any time on pretty words and get your message out, showcasing your place in the future. Nobody knows your project as well as you do, so you and your team have everything you need to attract the investors and true believers in your goals.

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16 March / 2019