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Trends of Influencer Marketing for 2019
January is almost over, and what was just a prediction for 2019 trends is now beginning to unfold. NinjaPromo couldn't overlook the emerging tendencies, and we would love to share them with you.

Influencer marketing is stronger than ever. It burst into online marketing space in 2017, and during the entire 2018 it only consolidated its position. It has proven to be one of the most effective ways of digital advertising.

So let's take a look at what future holds for it and sneak peak at what its trends might be.

Instagram is the king

Instagram has been a great marketing platform for quite a while now. And in 2018 it's been a part of around 93% of all influencer marketing campaigns. Its recent new features faced less resistance from users in comparison to other social media, and those features (like swipe, for instance) have also became integral for Instagram promotion.

Influencers go bigger

What used to mean "ordinary people that film in their homes" now is defined differently. The very word "influencer" now also includes traditional celebrities and famous people in general, since all of them now have at least one social media account. The "expansion" of influencers will also be noticable in the type of content produced for marketing purposes. As the number of opinion leaders grows and the need for high-quality promotion rises, the competition toughens. Thus, we should expect better ads, better integration — and, as a result, better content.

Commitment isn't that scary anymore

Both influencers and companies, along with agencies that represent either side, are now looking for something more meaningful than one-time cooperation. The number of bloggers and brands that work together over the course of several marketing campaigns has significantly increased. So significantly, in fact, that even ordinary people who have no idea how marketing works began to notice this change.

This is confirmed by specialists across the board. According to Michelle Merino, a Los Angeles influencer-marketing consultant:

This way, influencers can convey a consistent message and grow their audience with the brand as opposed to one-off sponsorships. Lately, I've experienced an increase in brand requests for influencers to co-brand new product lines or introduce new brands altogether by being the face of the company.

New attitudes

Since influencers are no longer who they used to be and the promoters got used to implementing the means of influencer marketing, new tools and strategies have been developed. The influencers no longer bite at any chance for getting ads. They require you to know exactly what you're doing. Influencers are no longer naïve teens — they're full grown people who know their value.

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    16 March / 2019