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What ICO projects will be successful this year?
ICOs face serious trust issues after a rocky year. Pessimists even predict the death of ICOs entirely. But such predictions have been made before, and NinjaPromo is looking into those types of projects that have little to worry about in 2019.
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a public sale of enterprise tokens in the form of cryptocurrency. Most often, this is done in order to attract investment to a new project.

To answer the question of which tokens will be on demand in 2019, let's go back and see which ICOs were successful last year.

Game Tokens

According to ICOrating, the largest piece of interest cake — around 40% — was taken by videogames. This is not a coincidence: many studies conclude that this sector remains among the most stable ones. Despite the crisis, currency rates or climate change, people always have the need for entertainment. According to experts of the Newzoo analytical agency, by 2021 spending on video games will reach $180.1 billion total, so in the period of 2017–2021, the market will have grown by 10.3%.

Quite a number of blockchain-based games and game-related services were released in 2018 — for example, the blockchain application Truegame, a platform that offers users different types of games which can be purchased by the Tgame tokens. (Medium put this project in third place among the most successful ICOs).

Given the sensitiveness of gaming community, this year will show if similar projects and game-related ICOs have any future or if the success was secured exclusively by the novelty of the appliance of blockchain to games.


The second most popular type of ICOs are related to social interactions and platforms. According to ICOrating, in 2018 apps through which people communicate with each other, inspire confidence among investors. As many as 20% of the total market share was taken by successful enterprises in this sector.

Last year, Pew Research conducted a survey among Americans about social networks. It turned out that the number of people who would be difficult to refuse to communicate on the Internet is 40% of all respondents. At the same time, 14% said that it would be very difficult for them. Interestingly, a few years ago, in 2014, such people were much less. Then 28% could not get out of social networks, and 11% admitted that it would be very difficult for them. The popularity of platforms where people can communicate is constantly growing in the world. Our life is becoming more saturated, and it does not always have time for live communication. At the same time, according to psychologists, social networks help people not to feel lonely. This should help social applications to be in demand and attract as much investment as possible.


Bronze in the ranking of experts went to projects on health, finance, trade, and other blockchain-based services, sitting at comfortable 10% of the market.

The profit of such companies, as a rule, depends on the real needs of people. For example, according to analysts at BCD Travel, in 2019 the global demand for air travel to European countries will stay high. It means that it is quite possible that blockchain applications for purchasing plane tickets have great prospects of becoming successful.

Another trend that has been going on for some time and will continue in 2019 is the growing attentive attitude to personal health. According to various sources, people are going to the gym more, finding more time for sports. Plus, the number of those who follow their diet has increased. That allows concluding that applications for a healthy lifestyle will definitely find their audience this year.

Entertainment and personal gain will always be at the top of everyone's heads, so there's no surprise that such projects are the ones that are expected to become most popular in 2019.
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16 March / 2019