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Why ICO Needs Its Community and How to Focus on It
It's hard to underestimate the power of the community in the modern world. Countless projects, rejected by large sponsors and traditional sources of funding, were saved the people who believed in the idea so much they were ready to spend their hard-earned money just to see it come to life. The success of platforms like Kickstarter and Patreon showed that the community is the only thing truly required to get your project going in the Interned-dominated world. And the forward-looking blockchain industry picked up on that and placed the community at its core.
The Crypto Community Powerhouse

No crypto-project today can fly without the wings of the community — having one is simply a requirement at this point. But how exactly does the community influence project development?

Timely Feedback

The old-school way of doing things is to develop a project in your own bubble, release it to the wild world, collect the noisiest feedback and fix the most glaring issues. But audience became picky, and in crypto you stand on the shoulders of your community, so you have to take their very many opinions into account. So instead of waiting until everything comes together, you are able to perfect your project and fix its problems in the development process because your community can find them for you — even if you don't want them to.

Best PR Tool

Great word of mouth has always been the best way to promote anything, especially in modern world where the choice of products and services is more diverse than ever before. In crypto, community has become one of the most essential — and less expensive — tools for PR campaigns. The larger your community is, the higher are your chances to succeed and exceed your own expectations in the project's results. Your community can spread the word, reaching most unexpected audiences, educate others about your project and show how promising it is through their support, which is far more convincing than repetitive advertising texts.

Weight Off Your Shoulders

Even if you think that you've thought out every single detail of your precious project, there's plenty of unexpected turns and changes that await you along the way. You'll have new ideas, come across new trends and deal with innovations in the industry. Thus, you'll have to make a lot of new hard decisions. And your community can help you make them. They will indicate if following certain trends is worth any effort, if your project really needs those new features that will change the world and if they are genuinely interested in changes you want to make. Your community is there for you, helping you in the decision-making process.

Sense of Belonging

Since the community is involved in your ICO project from its early stages you and is participating in project-related activities, you can clearly see that you and your idea are needed. You know what you have to do and that you are part of something much, much bigger than you. Your goal and your community determine your place in the world. Your community is your extended project team, and you should always remember to take care of it in the same way it cares about your idea.

The Ways In

So how do you choose the platform for your community? Internet offers dozens of social networks, forum and chats, mainstream and field-specific, and the perfect idea would be to cover all of them, from global giants like Facebook and Twitter to local services like South-Korean KakaoTalk, depending on your target audience. But such large coverage requires huge budgets and a lot of people, since each platform has its own pitfalls and tricks, its own general moods and expectations of the public. So when you can't stretch financially, you need to pick the best option and throw everything you have at it.

To manage your social media platforms most efficiently, whatever your budget is, you require specialists who know the platform in and out. So it would be rational to consider the help from ICO digital marketing agencies like NinjaPromo since their direct goals and businesses are based on crypto-related marketing and community management.

For crypto-related activities, including ICOs, Telegram has proven to be one of the most reliable sources of community building. It attracts people by its security, and Telegram-based communities are some of the most engaged and quick-to-respond among other social media groupings. Also, Telegram communities tend to be more industry-specific yet still accessible to large audiences.

We could design and create separate groups for different audiences you want to join your Telegram community, adjusting and translating the content into 14 languages for those groups: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish and Portuguese. Such groups can attract from 5k to 50k members each, providing you with loyal multinational community ready to support your ICO project.

Mainstream platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.), of course, seem far more appealing due to the size of their userbases. However, that size is also their problem for someone looking for such specific marketing as the one for ICO projects. Those platforms are great for casting a wide net but among all the fish you'd catch with it there would be only a couple that would truly benefit your cause.

Field- and region-based platform would provide you with pickier and more loyal audiences but focusing only on them would lose you enormous part of potential community who'd be attracted to the crypto-industry through your idea and who'd believe in your project on the level deeper that pure financial gain. And that is what you need to separate your project from the rest. If you can't be everywhere at once, Telegram is truly the middle-ground where abstract business meets the real people who could become part of something great.

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16 March / 2019