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Why Is Proper Social Media Platform Choice So Important?
They say that properly implemented social media marketing is the key factor to boost up anything. Actually, it is true. NinjaPromo is going to look through all the prospects that social media gives you, and why's it may be complicated to implement all your social media marketing ideas.

Social media is the space where your audience and customers actually are, so this is the easiest way of reaching to them though posts, articles, contests, comments and visual aids.

Why Do You Need It?

- First, it raises sales by acting like advertisement. The more people get to know your product, the more they may turn to you for the service.

- Then, strong social media presence builds brand loyalty and awareness, which bring natural traffic.

- Social media marketing helps you achieve you KPI's, thus growing sales and providing strong market position.

- It raises brand credibility, as you educate your audience through the content you create.

- Interesting content makes your social media, as well as your product, stand apart from all the other companies and their products (there are really a lot of them, and you have to stand out in order not to drown in this sea). When it is YOU to be noticed, you attract many free leads that promote your product further.

- And, actually, social media marketing helps support every other digital marketing strategy.

What Is the Start?

Make a Wise Choice

Choosing right social media platforms is a starting point, as audiences and goals of every social media are different, and the wrong choice may play bad tricks on the whole project.
Probably the most popular one is Facebook. Loved by a great amount of users of all backgrounds, ages and nationalities, Facebook is what you need to reach a wider audience. A good balance of gender groups also makes the overall picture better.

Instagram is truly a paradise for visual aids. A typical Instagram user is younger than those on Facebook. Also, there're more female users than male ones. Instagram is good for a product, if the visual part is a crucial part of it.

Twitter is a right thing for communication. With hundreds of millions of active users (mainly aged 18–30), it's a wonderful opportunity for conversation with potential customers though short and vivid tweets and treads about trending issues in this or that industry.

If B2B is something you need strongly, then LinkedIn is the platform to serve you. It allows you interact with people based on their company type, industry or position. The users here are generally older than those at entertaining ones.

A world's second largest engine after Google, YouTube is awesome for your project if it has video content to be displayed and shared with 1 billion YouTube users. Popular among all ages and genders, it may become a key to success, with interesting, entertaining and helpful (better all at once) videos, of course.

Pinterest is another awesome solution for image-focused products. This platform is mostly popular with female (80%) audience aged 18–35. If you do have to show some awesome visual content, this one should be right for your company.

Medium could serve as a library of deep articles based on product-related issues, as well as a blog. A vivid example of social media journalism. Links to your articles on Medium may be provided at any other social media platform, not to overload posts with big amounts of text.

Also worldwide popular among all ages, genders and backgrounds, Reddit aims at raising and discussing issues you raise and solve within your project. Fun and entertaining short posts provoke your audience for vivid and lively discussion.

Quora is a knowledge-exchange platform where users may ask some specific questions, and then vote for the best and most useful answer to be displayed first. Quora is a great solution when you post a product-related question and answer yourself in order to demonstrate your proficiency and provide your audience with useful answers they may need.

Plan Carefully
          Right after you've come up with what social media platforms to choose to grow your product, you need to analyze your choice and decide how you're going to act. Depending on what your potential audience likes (based mainly on platform type and on who you see as a client), you start to create your content. What it will be? Will it be good for discussion? Are the articles informative? Remember that it's a hard work that needs in-depth understanding of both social media platform's peculiarities and audience's preference (understanding of your own product goes without saying!).

          Besides, you need a carefully planned social media schedule. Developing social media is not about just posting something whenever you want it or have time to do it. It's a full-scale editorial calendar with clearly and daily planned content. Make it clear, with dates, headlines and platforms where to put each piece of info. Better add a reminder: that would time-manage your plan, and wouldn't let you forget about the upcoming post you've planned.

          Communicate with Audience

          It may sound strange but some companies never ever communicate with their followers. Communication is the prior purpose of social media platforms, so it's not a good idea to neglect it. We don't insist on replying to each commentary leaved under a post (but if you don't have many subscribers, we do), still it may be useful. You can interact within pols, contests, giveaways and any other activities that need some action from audience. While your followers' number is growing, these activities will keep audiences interested and engaged, attracting new people at the same time.

          This communication may bring you new leads — influencers that help you expand. We've written once how they actually help you, and why you need to have good relations with them.

          Social media advertising campaigns are also a good way to warm up the interest to your product, as well as discussion and communication around it. They also held you targeting customers who're most interested in what you offer.

          Why Is It Difficult?
                  • Finding content managers, editors, designers & SEO specialists one by one will definitely cost you a fortune;
                  • It takes months, even years, to form a team of creative professionals who will work on content: produce and distribute it;
                  • Incompetent use of analytical tools and statistic extraction will end up in losing clients;
                  • It's hard to write a proper content plan, from schedule to smallest bits of information. Wrong content plan will reduce outreach and audience's involvement;
                  • Adaptation of content for each platform's peculiarities requires deep knowledge of how they all work, and constant following the latest trends.
                  Besides, there's one more kinda natural but crucial factor: there's only 24 hours in a day. Working on this on your own is hard and time-consuming, so by trying to make everything alone you, one way or another, lose either in marketing, either in product quality (or in both, this is a sad but common practice).

                  To Sum It Up

                  Boosting up your social media is a key factor of developing any digital marketing strategy, but it's hard and costly to try to achieve all your goals on your own. Marketing agencies like NinjaPromo do help here: already formed professional teams are experienced in all the sphere's peculiarities, and will save you a lot of time and nerves, letting you concentrate directly on the business' matters.
                          NinjaPromo thanks you for reading this article! Please, share it if you'd enjoyed it and tell us what you think about our SMM tips.